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Other Products

High carbon ferro manganese
Calcium metal
Ferro silicon 75% (stone)
Vanadium pentoxide (v2o5)
Ferro molybdenum
0.12-1.2mm galvanized corrugated steel roof panel
Erw steel pipes
Nickel ore
Chrome ore
Iron ore
Magnesium ore - mgo
Saw steel pipe
Barbed wire
Hot dipped galv
Corrugated roofing sheet
Cold rolled steel sheet
Colored corrugated roofing sheet
Zinc corrugated roofing tile
Raw vermiculite
Laundry powder with high foam
Washing powder, Detegent powder
Titanium dioxide
Tin ore
Calcium metal
Antimony ore
Ore minerals fluorite 85%
Cadmium oxide
Cadmium acetate
  Bismuth carbonate
Bismuth oxychloride
Cobalt sulfate
Cobalt oxide
Cobalt chloride
Cobalt nitrate
Cobalt carbonate
Cobalt acetate tetrahydrate
Bismuth oxide
Ammonium paratungstate
Cerium oxide
Sodium tungstate
Tantalum pentoxide
Magnesium fluoride (mgf2)
Zirconium dioxide(chemical formula: zro2)
Niobium pentoxide (nb2o5)
Nano tungsten powder
Tantalum pentoxide (ta2o5)
Chromium powder
Aluminium oxide
Scandium nitrate 99.9999%
Caustic soda solid 99%
Caustic soda pearl 99%
Caustic soda flake 99%
Calcium carbide
Antimony glycolate
Manganese acetate
Nickel nitrate
Cadmium carbonate
Cadmium sulphate
Cadmium chloride