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At ECO CHEMICALS (PTY) LTD we are proud to offer a variety of products so our clients can choose and be comfortable to deal with . Our products are top grade, which we supply round the world at all times.

We are delighted and proud to bring ECO CHEMICALS (PTY) LTD to the whole world. Our collaboration and success has put us first grade suppliers. We are extending our services to other clients to benefit from us. With increase in the need for supplies, our team has made it possible to facilitate clients needs. At Eco Chemicals, we provide first grade products. With our steady growth, we wish to expand and do business round the world. We are very dynamic and simple in our trade deals. We have establish connections in supplying all kinds of products per customer request. We specify with what the client need so that we can effect a solution to supply. It has been our experience not to limit ourselfs. Just make your request and you shall be supplied.

Please note that some products need special licensing. We specialized in cleaning anti breeze bank notes and stained black money with SSD solution chemical, and our expert team consists of specialist scientists as well as laboratory technicians with well-trained knowledge in as specialized in the field. We now serve in the USA, UAE, UK, Europe, Middle East, North and South Asia just to mentioned a few with over 23 offices worldwide.